Your House, My Rules


Since the launch of the first smartphone, the world could not have foreseen the growth and indispensability of mobile technology and its ability to distract users. To combat this dangerous epidemic, AT&T created the “It Can Wait” platform to raise awareness and incite change.


Recent research shows that teens understand the dangers of distracted driving, however, rationalization of the behavior is still high for their parents. A growing number of kids are concerned and asking their parents to stop using their phone while driving.


Drive mass awareness and brand attribution of AT&T’s ownership of
“It Can Wait” and continued commitment to driving without distractions.


An innovative storytelling platform flipped the script on the traditional public service announcement to promote AT&T's “It Can Wait” message.

The original series, Your House, My Rules (YHMR), delivered a new perspective on the dangers of distracted driving by tapping into the recognizable storytelling format of the family sitcom. Fueled by our insight, each original episode highlighted the dangers of distracted driving and the importance of the “It Can Wait” pledge through role reversal in the iconic teachable moment.



Your House, My Rules delivered on all KPIs
and exceeded performance benchmarks.

  • 95% lift vs. control group in viewers that agree AT&T is committed to educating consumers about the dangers of smartphone use while driving

  • 93% of viewers who recalled the YHMR content will make a conscious effort to stop using their phones while driving

  • 86% of viewers who recalled YHMR will talk to others about the dangers of distracted driving

  • Original content exceeded Facebook engagement rate benchmarks by 71%

  • BuzzFeed Buzzcuts video assets beat Video Completion Rate benchmark by 140%

  • Apple News exceeded Video Completion Rate (VCR) benchmark of the :90 episodes videos by 42%


Sources: Lieberman custom study, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Apple News


Activating a highly customized data-fueled distribution strategy, Your House, My Rules  reached and engaged with A18-54
across the NBCU portfolio and beyond.


Multi-platform distribution included:


  • Social posts with amplification from the PlayFull Facebook handle (NBCU & BuzzFeed’s co-developed parenting pillar)

  • Premium digital inventory through NBCU’s
    Full Episode Player and VOD


  • Custom rich media units on Apple News

  • Custom hyper-social assets across
    BuzzFeed’s platforms


  • AT&T's virtual reality tour pod used at
    several events including schools, AT&T
    pledge events, conventions, and more


  • AT&T full usage rights across owned and operated platforms