Making of a Gem

Like stones yet to be polished, athletes on the rise are diamonds
in the rough waiting for their chance to shine. 


Misconceptions of the diamond industry relating to conflict diamonds and their high price tag have caused Millennials to seek alternatives. To combat these notions, the Diamond Producers Association wanted reinforce diamonds as the ultimate symbol of what is authentic, real and rare in consumers’ lives.


Capitalizing on the striking similarities between the natural forces that forge both diamonds and athletes, an original content platform, Making of a Gem, aligned with the captivating world-wide cultural event, the Winter Olympics.

The series showcased the inner monologues of a snowboarder, figure skating couple and women’s ice hockey team. Through layered storytelling, the final beat of each video revealed the emotional and inspiring story was also that of a one-of-a-kind diamond.



Activating a customized data-fueled distribution strategy contextually aligned with the 2018 Winter Olympics, Making of a Gem was programmed for platform to organically reach and engage with Millennials across all screens.


Multi-platform distribution included:

  • Olympic TV and digital programming

  • Social posts with amplification from NBC Olympics and Bravo’s Facebook handles

  • Additional social posts from all athletes

  • NBCU’s Full Episode Player and VOD premium programming

  • Pre-roll and custom Video Teaser units on Apple News

  • Custom Athena units for Concert

  • Out-of-home distribution through cinema 

  • DPA full usage rights across owned & operated platforms


Making of a Gem delivered on all KPIs
and exceeded performance benchmarks.

  • 50%+ think Making of a Gem made diamonds more appealing, more positive and were more interested in buying or receiving one

  • 63% who viewed Making of a Gem were likely to consider purchasing diamond jewelry within the next year

  • Video Completion Rate beat benchmarks by over 200% on Facebook & Instagram

  • Engagement Rates beat benchmarks by over 180% on Facebook and Instagram

Sources: Latitude custom study, Facebook, Instagram